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Decorative shrubs

krzewy ozdobneThe production of our nursery includes hundreds of the most sought-after varieties of ornamental
shrubs. We offer coniferous and deciduous potted plants as well as coniferous cuttings dug from the
ground with a root ball. We sell numerous varieties of barberry, boxwood, cinquefoil, as well as
cypress, spireas and weigela. Our offer includes cotoneasters, forsythias and magnolias, lilacs,
viburnums and periwinkles.

The range of thuja and juniper varieties is particularly rich, and they are very eagerly chosen by
landscape architects. They are then used both for planting large public recreational areas and for
arranging green areas on private properties. Their advantage is the possibility of creating dense and
high hedges that protect against wind, noise and undesirable views.

Decorative shrubs in pots: versatility of use and ease of arrangement

The ornamental shrubs in pots we offer have many advantages. First of all, they do not require as
much care when planting as seedlings from the ground. Their root system is carefully covered with
the substrate, which significantly speeds up and facilitates planting - it also reduces the risk of the
plant not taking root. The soil in the pot has properties appropriately selected for a specific species
and is inserted together with the plant, which makes acclimatization much easier.

Plants in pots, including aesthetic fruit shrubs are a very popular way of arranging flower beds, lawns and terraces. If properly cultivated
(watered and protected from freezing in winter), they can create beautiful gardens with interesting
combinations of forms and colors. It is extremely important to choose dwarf shrubs and varieties
that are characterized by a slow growth rate. Thanks to this, we will enjoy the charms of greenery for
many seasons, without the need to enlarge the pots or replace too much overgrown specimens.

If you are not sure which species and varieties of ornamental shrubs you should choose, tell us
about your plans and we will advise you on the most suitable plants.





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