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Fruit shrubs

The cultivation of fruit shrubs is as popular in home gardens and plots of land as cultivation of
ornamental trees. They also serve fruit
growers in the form of commercial crops. In recent years, blueberries and haskap berry have joined
the ever-popular currants, gooseberries, cranberries and chokeberries.
The interest in the cultivation of fruit bushes at home is now in its renaissance. In many gardens you
can find plants climbing upwards with beautiful berries hanging on their stems. This is related not
only to their attractiveness as beautifully blooming and presenting ornamental plants, but also to the
growing interest in healthy, naturally produced food. We offer our customers excellent quality seedlings and professional advice on the selection of a
substrate, planting place and the basic principles of growing a given plant. At this point, we
recommend using the offer of vegetative rootstocks which will ensure better plant
growth in your orchards. All fruit shrub seedlings are available from October. For larger orders, please contact us in advance.



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