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29 sierpnia 2019

Growing Deutzia in the garden

Deutzia is a shrub that is very popular with Polish gardeners. Most of the professional ornamental
shrub nurseries offer this interesting plant. Deutzia is extremely decorative, mainly due to the
delicate flowers densely overgrowing the twigs. Elongated leaves covered with pilus with serrated
edges are also very decorative.

drzewa owocowe
29 sierpnia 2019

Trees and shrubs with a root system

Ornamental trees and shrubs are most often sold in bare-root containers, the so-called a root ball.
These are two different forms of planting, in the nursery of ornamental and fruit trees plants in
containers are most often purchased in the case of single plants or in the case of evergreen plants.

29 sierpnia 2019

How to grow maple in the garden?

Maple is the name of a plant that consists of about 100 different species of trees and shrubs. They
are distinguished primarily by decorative qualities, which is why they most often appear in our
gardens as beautiful ornamental trees. What's more, they are not too demanding to cultivate and
they blend in perfectly with almost any garden arrangement.

Sad ogrodowy
29 sierpnia 2019

Fruit tree rootstocks. What should you know?

Rootstocks is a term used in horticulture to define a rooted plant into which a noble species is
transplanted from another plant. The rootstocks are used in fruit nurseries, in vegetable growing and
forestry. They fulfill many functions, ranging from providing the plant with a root system, through
regulating fruiting, to influencing the quality of the crop. Trees...

podkładki wegetatywnne
19 kwietnia 2017

The use of vegetative rootstocks in horticulture

The rootstock is the term for a rooted plant on which a noble variety of another plant is grafted or
inoculated. The use of vegetative rootstocks in horticulture is therefore a method of cultivating
crops. The term rootstock is also used as a definition of one of the two components of a refined
plant. The second is a cultivated noble variety, i.e. scion. Let's find out what vegetative rootstocks

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