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Nursery of ornamental trees

Our nursery of ornamental trees provides beautiful vegetation, necessary in every garden. They are
an important element of the arrangement of greenery on private properties and public recreational
areas. We offer many popular…

Nursery of ornamental shrubs

Shrubs from our ornamental shrub nursery attract the eye with a rich palette of leaves and flowers.
Many of them are easy to shape, some are great for creating dense and aesthetic hedges. We offer
numerous coniferous and…

Nursery of fruit trees

We sell seedlings directly from our own fruit tree nursery in pieces and in bulk. We sell several dozen
species of apple trees, numerous plums and pears trees, as well as a large selection of cherry and
sour cherry trees. Apricot…

Nursery of fruit bushes

The fruit shrub nursery produces seedlings for commercial crops and home gardens. We have
gooseberries, black and colorful currants, black chokeberry, blueberries, several varieties of haskap
berries distinguished by their…

Vegetative rootstocks

We produce certified vegetative rootstocks of apple trees (M9, M9T337, RN29, M26, P14, P22, P60),
pear trees (QUINCE S1), cherry and sour cherry trees (COLT, F12/1), which we offer in the selections
of Extra, I, II, III. We sell the…


We invite to contact and cooperate with us individual Customers and wholesalers such as: garden
stores, fruit producers, landscape architects. In addition to seedlings, we offer professional advice.
Call us, write to us or visit our nursery.

Producer of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs

As a producer of ornamental shrubs, we care about the health and quality of the offered plants. As a
result, our customers receive shrubs that meet their expectations. At the moment, in the gardens in
the country, there are beautiful compositions of ornamental trees and shrubs grown from our seedlings. Our offer is
addressed to individual customers who want to have full control over the development of green
areas on their property, as well as to horticulture companies or architects designing gardens and
other green areas.

Waleczek Tree Nursery

In 2018, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Tree Nursery in Mnich (commune of Chybie,
Śląskie Province). Its founder was Jerzy Stec. The family business was taken over by their daughter
Barbara and her husband Krzysztof Waleczek - they have been running the nursery continuously
since 1986. Our customers are individuals, public institutions, wholesalers and garden shops.

From the very beginning, we have tried to offer a wide range of the most popular fruit and
ornamental plants. Our priority is to provide disease-resistant and easy-to-grow varieties of fruit
trees and shrubs, that are appreciated by
both home garden owners and professional fruit growers. We supply high-quality seedlings of
ornamental trees – our plants are
purchased for the development of property and large public recreational areas.
Currently, the most important part of the production of our nursery are qualified vegetative
rootstocks for apple, pear,
cherries. We offer them only in wholesale quantities.
We invite you to check the details of our offer and visit the nursery in Mnich.


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